Professional workplace for remote high-tech teams,
startups and entrepreneurs

Discount 50% for the first day
ANAHIT HUB offers professional workspace with private offices and open space coworking, high speed internet with all services included in the membership.

Ideal for remote workers, teams and companies, where you can focus on your work and also do networking with like-minded people
Open space coworking with tables for 4-6 sits, lots of call booths, high speed internet and meeting rooms
Meeting rooms and call booths
Meeting rooms for 6-12 sits and small call booths for 1-3 people. They are available for free for members.
Private offices
Offices for 9-12-24-40 sits for your team with separate WiFi network, water cooler and fridge, some of them have private call booths
Place for having lunch and our superb coffee (our tea assortiment is also impressive). But mostly used for networking :)
Separate toilets and showers
Our friendly robots will greet you and offer paper and separate shower
Lounge and events room
Place to have rest or work in quiet or organize event for up to 50 people with projector
Services for members

High-speed Wi-Fi

with reserve line

Professional grade chairs and tables, comfortable armchairs

Powerful ventilation, conditioning and heating

Tea, water and best coffee every day

24/7 access for members

Meeting room prior reservation

Safety and reliability

Free access to the printer and scanner

Pricing that fits everyone
One day
1 workplace
5 000 AMD
  • Any available workplace
  • From 9am till 8pm
  • All services
Private office (1 month)
1 workplace
From 65 000 AMD
  • Separate WiFi network
  • From 9 to 40 workplaces
  • Optional watercooler, fridge
  • Optional private call booths / meeting room
  • 24/7 access
  • All services
Meeting rooms
3 800 - 6 000 AMD
  • 1 hour
  • Small room max 6-8 people
  • Big room max 10-12 people
  • Whiteboard
  • Free for members
Event room
10 000 AMD
  • 1 hour
  • Max 50 people
  • Projector
  • Min rent for 3 hours
Our members about us
  • Co-founder, CCO

    My most favorite co-working in Yerevan, quiet space, nice interior, a lot of rooms for calls and meetings, near metro station and there is everything I need in the area, places to eat and stores. Highly recommend
  • Anton S
    Founder and CPO Arangô
    Регулярно работаю в Anahit, удобные кресла, тихий опенспейс, хорошо изолированные переговорки. Вокруг кафешки с вкусной едой. Отдельное удовольствие - посидеть у фонтана во дворе.

    Факт, что коворкинг находится на территории института, где создавались ЭВМ, добавляет атмосферности рабочему дню.
  • Hrant Seferyan
    Founder and CEO FindLight
    I had the pleasure of visiting Anahit Tech Center recently, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. The space is incredibly spacious and comfortable, with ergonomic office chairs that make long hours of work much more bearable. The wide and deep tables provide ample room for all your work essentials, and the abundance of electricity outlets ensures that you can keep all your devices powered throughout the day.

    The staff at Anahit Tech Center are friendly and welcoming, creating a positive and supportive atmosphere. The bathrooms are clean and well-built, adding to the overall pleasant experience. The environment is perfect for productive work, with a calm and conducive atmosphere that makes focusing on tasks easy.
  • Armen Grigoryan
    Co-founder, CCO at Tesvan
    I recently had the pleasure of visiting Anahit Tech Center, and it truly surpassed my expectations. The space is remarkably spacious and comfortable, with ergonomic office chairs that make extended work hours much more manageable. The large, deep tables offer plenty of room for all your work essentials, and the numerous power outlets ensure your devices stay charged throughout the day.
Our Partners
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Our Location
Near Barekamutyun subway station, in the historical building of Yerevan Plant of Mathematical Machines